E79 Resources is engaged in early-stage activities in the search for precious metal deposits. We acknowledge that our actions could impact the environment, and we are cognisant of the concerns our of local communities. We strive to exceed the requirements of Victoria’s Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and the Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration.

Our mineral exploration programs are designed to minimize impact on the environment. Most of the work that we carry out, including soil and rock sampling, prospecting, geological mapping and drilling, will have a negligible impact. Whenever we complete our activities, we always ensure that the area affected is restored to its original condition as much as possible. We take extreme pride in our commitment to the environment and ensuring that we are conducting ourselves in a professional, responsible and safe manner.

Our exploration work includes:

1. Data compilation and research

Most of this work is usually done on computers and involves the compilation of technical reports and data. The goal of this work is to form a complete profile of the exploration property and to develop an exploration plan.

2. Reconnaissance

This involves company field staff walking over the prospective area and carrying out “light touch” activities such as geological mapping and soil and rock sampling. These activities have no impact on the land in question. In some cases, remote sensing techniques such as geophysical surveys may be carried out.

3. Drilling

These activities involve a core drilling rig which recovers a small cylinder of rock which can have a diameter of 30 to 60 millimeters. All the cuttings, wastewater and other by-products of the drilling are removed from the site. Any water used will be trucked in and so no local sources of water are disturbed. Our drilling contractors are also responsible for installing noise cancelling barriers to minimize any noise impact on our neighbours. We ensure that activities at night are kept to a minimum. Once drilling has been completed, the work site is remediated, and the site is returned to its original state within a few weeks.

Community Engagement

E79 Resources recognizes the importance of community engagement as an integral part of our exploration activities. We set out to develop strong relationships with our neighbours by encouraging community confidence and mutual respect.

Mutual respect hinges on our understanding of the issues that are important to our neighbours and our neighbours’ understanding of our objectives. Wherever we operate, we do our best to accommodate the different lifestyles, heritage and preferences of our neighbours. Our community engagement and environment work are closely coordinated and takes into account public perception of the effects and consequences of our activities.

We strongly encourage members of our community, including homeowners’ native elders and government officials, to reach out to us if they have any concerns or questions about our activities.

We have put into place a Community Engagement Policy that underpins the company’s commitment to deliver benefits to the communities in which we operate and encompasses our statutory obligations.

Our Community Engagement Policy recognizes that the stakeholders with whom we engage have rights and deserve respect, and this guides the way we collaborate with the communities and stakeholders with whom we work. The objectives of our commitment to community engagement are to:

  • be proactive and transparent in our engagement with communities.
  • build community engagement and capacity by developing and implementing activities that will support social infrastructure, provide opportunities for employment and training, and will create long term and sustainable benefits.
  • contribute to the regional economy through developing and supporting regional infrastructure and businesses.
  • contribute to local environmental sustainability and improvement; and
  • contribute to developing community programs through appropriate participation and support.

We aim to achieve these community engagement practices by having an appropriately structured Community Engagement Plan. The development of this Plan is a dynamic system that underpins our commitment to community interaction by all employees and contractors. 

Video Resource

Shot in the Ballarat and Bendigo regions, Minerals Exploration in Victoria includes footage and information on exploration drill rigs and other exploration activities that take place on public and private land.

The video complements the MCA and Victorian Farmers Federation Land Use Guide which provides information to private landholders on rights and obligations of explorers and landowners and advice on negotiating land access.

The video outlines minerals exploration techniques including desktop research to drilling and core analysis explained by staff from exploration companies.

It will be a useful resource for explorers in their interactions with landowners to support the continued growth of mineral exploration in regional Victoria and the ongoing job opportunities for regional communities.

Video by: Minerals Council of Australia


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